New Adjustment Panels 30mm
The Harpun Adjustment Panel is the perfect tool, when working with the positioning of large and heavy concrete slabs. The ingenious design registered Harpun Pegs ensure unproblematic fitting; and – due to the strength of the plastic material – we provide two models with load-bearing capacities of 2 tons (Medium Load) and 6 tons t (Heavy Load), respectively.
Wall Brackets
Harpuns wallbrackets for building-in is used for mounting doors and windows, where there are required a solid base for the screws. Harpuns wallbrackets retrofitting gives you the opportunities to move windows and doors, so you are able to after isolated. Both types of wallbrackets will make sure no cold conduction is created.
Box Assortment
The lunch box for the conscientious builder
Footstep- Noise Reduction
The Harpun Footstep-Noise Reduction is a unique soundproofing solution, that efficiently reduces sound from footsteps in dwellings. In a noise test, the specifically developed acoustic panel, which is simply clipped onto the Harpun flooring-wedge system, has been documented to achieve a 4 decibel sound absorption


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